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Lesson Spotlight: Grip & Ready Position
13th September 2018

One of the most common things TGA tennis coaches see with beginners is a student miss the ball entirely on a swing. While a variety of variables can cause this outcome, the first thing to correct is often the student’s grip.

Proper technique on how to hold a tennis racquet may seem simple at first, but it’s a key fundamental skill that’s needed for every player. There are six important teaching cues that every student learns:

Grip 1

The first cue is simple – make a number 1 with your index finger


Next, make sure that your thumb and the rest of your fingers are making a circle


Now slide the handle of your racquet in the circle made by your hand


Grip down on the racquet, making sure your index finger is above your thumb


It should feel like you’re shaking hands with the racquet


Get in the ready position by placing your other hand on the racquet the same way

With both hands on the racquet, keep it up in front of you with your arms out. Make sure you’re bent over at the waist, with your feet apart and the majority of your wait towards your toes. This is what we call the ready position. Returning to the ready position after each shot in a rally is key for players at all levels. It saves precious seconds when reacting to where the next shot is, moving to it, and hitting the correct return shot. Our coaches reinforce this concept through repetition — students are reminded to return to the ready position after shots in drills and games until it becomes a habit.

Perfecting the grip and ready position does not require a net or even a tennis ball. Just grab a racquet and follow the six steps above to get the basics down pat!

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