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TGA Aces the Year with SEVEN Hole-in-Ones
8th November 2018

Did you know that the odds of an average player making an ace is 12,000 to 1? If you’re not familiar with the term “ace,” it’s another way of saying “hole-in-one.” It happens when a golfer hits the ball in the cup on his or her first shot.

Scoring a hole-in-one is a fantastic feat that many golfers never accomplish. It’s a thrilling experience, proven by Charlie from TGA of Wake County in North Carolina, who started jumping up and down yelling after seeing the ball in the hole. Charlie is one of seven (!) TGA superstars to record a hole-in-one this year. We are offering a hearty congratulations to each of them. Keep reading to see what a few of them had to say about achieving something golfers of all skill levels dream about.

Charlie, TGA of Wake County, NC
Knights Play Golf Center

“I didn’t believe it! I ran to the hole to see if the ball really was in there. I saw the ball in the hole and started jumping up and down yelling. It makes me more excited to keep playing golf!”

Matteo, TGA of Wake County, NC
Knights Play Golf Center

“When the ball went in the hole I was surprised because a hole-in-one is a rare thing in golf… It’s very exciting that I made one because my dad, uncle, and my grandpa never made one.”

Cameron, TGA of Wake County, NC
Knights Play Golf Center

“When I realized I got a hole-in-one I was so happy and surprised. I knew it was a very rare thing to happen and it felt really good… It also is really cool that this was my 2nd hole-in-one. Now I can tease my dad who only has one. Ha!”

Nicholas, TGA of Beach Cities, CA
Sea Aire Golf Course – Hole 9

“I was so excited and shocked at the same time. I’d been wanting that hole-in-one for awhile and had come close before, but this time was different… When I saw the ball land on the green and go in and heard people yelling — it was awesome! And it was with my lucky ball.”

Carson, TGA of Southeast Michigan
Glacier Golf Club – Hole 3

Carson joined four other TGA of Southeast Michigan campers who have a hole-in-one when he recorded his ace.

Daniel, TGA of Bergen County, NJ
Rivervale Country Club – Hole 8

Daniel became the first golfer in TGA of Bergen County’s 12-year history to record a hole-in-one.

Coach George, TGA of  Wake County, NC
Knights Play Golf Center

Coach George put on a show for his students when he notched an ace.

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