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Lesson Spotlight: Volleys
16th January 2019

A volley in tennis is a unique shot that every tennis player should have in his or her skill set.

Volleys require the player to hit the ball before it bounces on the court. That means a player has to anticipate his or her opponents shot and get into an advantageous position. Similar to forehands and backhands, it can be hit on either side of your body. It’s also most often executed at or close to the net.

The easiest way to execute a volley is to raise the racquet without swinging to block the ball’s path and return it to the other side of the net. Like other shots in tennis, proper footwork is also key to make sure the player creates solid contact with the ball.

Our coaches utilize donuts and poly spots that are placed on the ground near the net to show students where to stand and what movements to make to execute a volley. They help students learn which foot to step forward with for either forehand or backhand volleys. It’s also best to learn with a partner who is throwing you a ball instead of hitting it, that way the student can learn by repetition.

One of our more popular games that incorporates volleying is 4 Square. It’s similar to the playground game except the goal is to keep the tennis ball moving using a volley technique with a racquet instead of your hand.┬áLearn about volleys and other tennis skills at a TGA program near you.