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Take a Sneak Peek into TGA Summer Camp
3rd April 2019

Come play with TGA – your child will have a blast and come away with new skills and valuable life lessons that will benefit them in and out of the game. Our action-packed camps feature three core sections that are backed by research and psychology to provide an experience that is second to none!

Includes dynamic warm-up activities and station-based instruction that incorporates games and drills to keep campers engaged and having fun while they build strong foundational skills.

MRI Walking

We get our campers moving and grooving to start each day before we dive into learning and practicing new skills because an active body leads to an active mind. On top of helping campers develop their skills, TGA coaches create a supportive environment that makes learning fun. Keeping it fun makes kids want to keep playing and that kind of regular physical activity has amazing health benefits ranging from helping control weight to reducing the risk of various types of cancer, according to research gathered by the Aspen Institute’s Project Play.

Coaches use the sport to introduce academic lessons and teach campers about the rules and etiquette of the game. 

This is one of the truly unique aspects of TGA’s camp experience. Studies show that playing organized sports helps children develop and improve cognitive skills and is associated with improved academic achievement. TGA takes it one step further — we use the sport to introduce lessons about history, language, and STEAM concepts that ignite campers’ imagination and allow them to explore and relate concepts like gravity, aerodynamics, and simple machines. These lessons help campers better understand the sport they’re playing and the world around them.

Focuses on campers putting all the skills and lessons into play while coaches use teachable moments to provide additional instruction and guidance. 

Student Celebration

There’s nothing better than witnessing the thrill and excitement of a camper accomplishing a goal they have been working towards. Our coaches relish these moments to praise campers not just for the achievement – but for their hard work getting there because this helps develop a growth mindset which research shows enhances motivation.

In addition to building athletic skills, campers develop social skills because sports are linked to improved self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership. Game play also provides coaches with plenty of teachable moments to introduce and reinforce valuable life lessons like perseverance, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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