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The American Ultimate Disc League Takes Flight
5th April 2019

Unfamiliar with the American Ultimate Disc League? This semi-pro Ultimate Frisbee® league kicks off a new season the first weekend of April with 21 teams playing across North America. You and your family could have the chance to see some of the best athletes in the country play competitive ultimate at a venue near you.

The league is split up into four divisions: East, Midwest, West and South. Click here to see where all the teams play and find the games closest to you. The league is very fan friendly and a great opportunity to attract more young fans across the country.

TGA enrichment programs cover the same fundamental skills and knowledge that the professional players utilize each and every week. With the AUDL, students can now see how the game is played on a competitive level.

Thanks to a partnership with Stadium Sports, ultimate fans are able to watch games every week on the Stadium television network, as well as online. This will allow fans of all ages to sit at home and see how the best play the game. It’s also a good opportunity for parents of students in TGA programs to take an interest in what their child is learning in class.

If you want your child to be part of a fun and fast non-contact sport, Ultimate may be the perfect choice. Learn more about this awesome sport and get playing today!

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