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Player Pathways: The Next Level
20th October 2019

TGA chapters helps kids advance as they grow


TGA Premier Sports’ unique Player Pathways allow children to take their athletic skills to the next level. TGA Chapter Director and the Southern California PGA Section’s Director of Player Development Anthony Leone is a wonderful example of how these pathways can be developed successfully.

TGA parents appreciate that the learning and development builds as the kids advance through the stages of the program. “TGA’s definitely the foundation of the pyramid that feeds the rest of a junior golfer’s pathway into game,” Leone says.

Seeing the kids take that next step is one of Leone’s favorite parts of his job. “I’ll see kids who were practically preschoolers when we started working with them and, now, they’re competing in Drive, Chip & Putt. It humbles me to see the faces of players I’ve known for the better part of a decade and now they’re good players. To think I’ve had a tiny part in their development is amazing,” he says.

Anthony Leone TGA GolfAnthony Leone with a TGA class

Everything about the program is great. It truly is a program that keeps kids engaged and not only teaches them sports but also life lessons.
– Michelle B, 10/14/19

The skills my son has learned through this program are fabulous! My husband noticed an improvement in our son’s game after one session and others are taking notice of his skills as well.
– Malia T, 10/18/19

I like the fact that good sportsmanship is taught. My son would come home and explain to me how he should act and even the appropriate attire. This has established a sense of pride in himself and the sport!
– Tanya L, 10/21/19

And, sometimes, TGA alumni take their journeys full circle. “The ultimate reward I’ve experienced is working with a kid who went through every phase of the TGA curriculum from the time he was in second grade. He’s now a good competitive golfer, playing on the junior tour and, now,  he wants to be a coach for us. He wants to pass on what he’s received from the game,” Leone says. “This model really is powerful.”

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