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#KeepPlaying — Golf
3rd January 2020


#KeepPlaying golf all year with easy indoor drills and family putting contests. Golf is an amazing sport that people of all ages can play and have fun! As the New Year begins get your family playing and staying active with golf!


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The TGA Student Handbook is full of great information from instruction to new vocabulary and has tips on indoor activities to practice at home. Get the whole family involved in a putting contest, all you need is a putter, golf ball, and plastic cup to get started. Everyone can use the same putter, taking turns.

To make it more challenging, include a cardboard paper towel tube, and add obstacles to the hole. Get creative, build several trees out of Legos and add them to the hole, put a MatchBox car along the side to act as a hazard, or maybe add wildlife stuffed animals strolling along the golf hole. Use your new golf holes with other sports equipment, putt with a tennis racquet or lacrosse stick and ball. Or, can you roll a volleyball down the hole, or does it turn into a hazard?

Maybe set up a few holes and each family member is in charge of creation and decoration! Then, let the games begin!

Share your creativity with the TGA community! Use #TGAgolfholes when posting on social media so we can see all of your designs.

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