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Proper Nutrition: Kid’s Style
4th January 2020


Talking to kids about proper nutrition may seem like a difficult topic, but the TGA handbook has several tips to help! Keep the message simple and help them understand that food is the fuel and energy source for your body. 

A great time to talk about food and fuel is during a meal. Ask the kids if what they are eating fuels their body. Does your meal have a variety of foods; meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, beans? Make sure to share with your children that eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner is important to keep up your energy. 

Not only is it important to maintain a balanced diet, but drinking water to keep your body hydrated, and help digest food is imperative. Help kids remember to drink more if it is hot outside, and if you are exercising, playing outside or participating in a sport.

Educate them on healthy living rather than focusing on a healthy weight. 

Looking for more information? Erica Sweeney, a wellness and nutrition journalist who writes for HuffPost,, Teen Vogue and more, wrote “How to Teach Children About Healthy Eating, Without Food Shaming.”

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