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Ace Your Valentine’s Day
2nd February 2020

Start your Valentine’s Day off with a fun activity that your family can do together, making breakfast! The easiest way to add some Valentine cheer to the morning is serving up some red pancakes — just add a little food coloring to the mix prior to cooking! You can also make heart-shaped pancakes. Using a pancake mold is the easiest method (molds can be found for purchase online or in retail stores), but they can also be made with tinfoil (helpful hints can be found here).

Whether your little one is home for lunch or at school there are endless ways to celebrate the holiday of love, even for the busiest family! Just putting a little valentine’s day themed joke into their lunchbox will bring a smile to their face! What do you call a very small valentine? A valen-tiny!

When making their lunches just a few small extra steps will transform their afternoon fuel! Simply cut their favorite sandwich into the shape of a heart, write sayings on an orange like ‘cutie’, ‘be mine’, or on a banana ‘I am bananas for you.’ Cut a baby carrot (cherry tomato, grape) in half on a diagonal. Flip one over and it makes a heart! To secure use a toothpick and voila you have a heart!

Dinner is a great opportunity for more Valentine’s Day themed food that everyone will love — heart shaped pizza! If you have never made homemade pizza crust before we found a very easy recipe, here. (There are a lot of great recipes on the internet, especially if you need one that is gluten free.)

Happy Valentines’ Day from all of us at TGA!

Upcoming Programs:

If your child loves playing, he or she can keep the fun going long past Valentine’s Day at an upcoming TGA program! Click here to find the closest one to you.


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