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Lessons at Home: Tennis Forehand Activities
25th March 2020

Are you ready to play? Keep reading for activities you and your junior player can do at home to up your tennis games! Before you get started, make sure to warm up to prepare your bodies for physical exercise.


Before you move on to ACTIVITY 2: WALL BALL, prepare by reviewing how to grip the racquet and the forehand stroke. Each video points out key points for students of all skill levels.


“Wall Ball” is one of our favorite tennis activities to do at home. All you need is a ball and a wall!

Watch Coach Christine demonstrate how you and your family can play “Wall Ball,” and don’t worry, this activity can be played with or without tennis racquets.


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A few of our favorite activities that require hand-eye coordination include:

1) Pillow Fights

2) Drawing

3) Catching a Ball

4) Playing Sports

5) Dance Parties



Base Line

Singles Sideline

Center Line

The Alley

Service Line

Doubles Sideline


Can you name the seven parts of the tennis court? Click here for the answer key.


Ready to test yours and your junior tennis player’s memory? Check out our set of interactive quizzes below. Scores are tallied from TGA families across the country so study up!

Beginner Quiz

Amateur Quiz

Professional Quiz


  Science: Click here to discover how different court surfaces impact how the ball moves.
  Technology: Imagine and draw a futuristic piece of equipment that can help you play tennis. A few of our ideas are rocket powered racquet, robot training buddy, and a ball picker upper.
  Engineering: Build a pyramid using tennis balls. Comment below with how high your pyramid is!
  Art: Draw a picture of a tennis scene and color it. Click here for a coloring template.
  Math: Complete the tennis sudoku board below.
Click to print

Tennis etiquette is about respect for the court, other players, and the rules of the game.

Two ways to demonstrate sportsmanship when playing tennis are:

1) Give encouragement to others.

2) Be ready when your opponent is going to serve.

Can you list two ways you can practice sportsmanship at home?




If this was fun and valuable, we encourage you to share with your friends and neighbors.

  • Gill says:

    If you are lucky enough to be able to go to a local court with a backboard, then you can practice hitting against the wall using your forehand and/or backhand. Stand far enough away so that you allow the ball to bounce twice rather than once


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