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17th June 2020

Introducing TGA’s new live virtual courses, Sessions At Home

This summer, we’re bringing sports to you and delivering our same great curriculum in a fun and modified format with our new online “Sessions at Home” courses. TGA students can join our TGA Coaches for live virtual instruction, develop fundamentals while improving skill, gaining confidence, and having fun! 

Summer Sessions At-Home include live virtual golf, tennis, and cheerleading courses (with additional sports coming soon). Delivering TGA’s same great content and making it easy for parents and fun for kids with all activities, tools, and resources available within a single online portal.

With school closures and the uncertainty of reopening across the country due to COVID, and in-person summer camps availability being dependent on city and state regulations, this new virtual platform allows kids to Keep Playing!® while at home.

“It became clear that we had to re-approach our traditional business model and evolve quickly to provide a virtual offering to engage with our participants,” said Laura Sappington, Vice President, Operations for TGA. “We had to figure out how to safely connect, coach and even make equipment readily available, all to allow for kids to keep playing. Making sports accessible to kids shouldn’t be reserved only for the sunny days, and we are beyond excited (and humbled) to be able to continue our mission and make TGA programs available to all, right in their own homes.”


“Making sports accessible to kids shouldn’t be reserved only for the sunny days, and we are beyond excited (and humbled) to be able to continue our mission and make TGA programs available to all, right in their own homes.”


Our TGA Coaches are dedicated to ensuring every student has fun, receives feedback as well as social time with friends, interactive games, and STEAM activities. Students also learn the rules and etiquette of the game, and the history and vocabulary of the sport.

Each week-long course includes a pre-class skill video, a live virtual class led by a TGA coach (1 hour or 3 hours) and optional post-class activities for the whole family to enjoy.

These courses are designed to build upon each other, or can stand alone as independent courses.

1 Hour Live Instruction: Offers an introduction of skills and how to progress in each.

3 Hour Live Instruction: Reinforces and builds on the introductory foundation and improves skills, fundamentals and consistency.

What will my child learn?

  • Core fundamentals of the sport in a fun environment
  • Live coach’s instruction based on the skill level of your child
  • Life lessons through the lens of sports that translate to home and school
  • Rules and etiquette so kids feel comfortable playing outside of class (kids normally pick this up quicker than the physical skill development)
  • STEAM activities (3 hr only)

What does my child receive? 

  • An easy to follow progression of each skill
  • Coach’s direct interaction and encouragement
  • A safe, fun, learning experience
  • Physical activity
  • Social interaction
  • Sense of achievement 

What value do I receive as a parent? 

  • Enrichment experience (no sitting idle all class or given busy work)
  • Coach’s direct interaction and encouragement to help kids improve
  • Kids are learning in a fun, stress-free environment
  • In a nutshell: a safe, fun, learning program

TGA Summer Sessions: At-Home Retail Price (5 classes):

  • $119, 1 hour
  • $229 3 hour

Additional add-ons available:

  • $29 tennis add-on (one racquet, one foam ball, TGA Student Handbook, with free shipping)
  • $39 golf add-on (putter, wedge, three reduced-flight safe golf balls, TGA Student Handbook, with free shipping).

For more information and to find the closest camps to you, please visit our chapter locator.

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