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Lessons at Home: Flag Football Quarterback Camp
28th September 2020

Quarterbacks are the voice in the huddle, and they must quickly convey information to their teammates in order to succeed. Using a passing/route running tree allows the quarterback and wide receivers to organize before the snap, ensuring the receivers run to where the quarterback will be looking to throw the ball.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the passing/route tree and then head outside to run plays! All you need is two players (a quarterback and receiver), but you can add receivers and defenders if you have more available participants.

If you have multiple receivers, have the quarterback choose different routes for each receiver to keep the defenders on their toes, like:

WR 1 = A4, meaning WR1 runs 0-5 yards and breaks right

WR 2 = B6, meaning WR2 runs 5-10 yards and breaks diagonal forward right

WR 3 = C3, meaning WR3 runs 10-15 yards and breaks left

Before you get started, make sure to warm up to prepare your bodies for physical exercise.

This post’s STEAM activity is for math!  Click here for a worksheet explaining how scoring in flag football works alongside an activity sheet tracking the score of a game.