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Halloween Sports Drills
19th October 2020

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids and has TGA thinking of new sports drills that everyone can practice at home with friends and family. These new activities are meant to help work on hand-eye coordination, aiming, distance control, and can be done with minimal supplies.


Practice your chipping accuracy and try to hit golf balls into a plastic pumpkin head – the ones that kids often use for trick-or-treating. If the target is too small, use the pumpkin head as a bullseye and encircle it with a hula hoop or a jump rope.




Get into the Halloween spirit by starting with a simple craft activity of drawing pumpkin faces on your sports balls and use them while practicing for the month.

Draw several pumpkins, witches, black cats, and ghosts on black-top at a local park or your driveway and use them as practice targets. Focus on landing the ball on the drawing, and once that is accomplished try to hit its eyes. By using chalk, the ball will smudge the drawing so you know when you have hit it!



If there are big trees in your neighborhood, help rake up the leaves and instead of jumping in them make separate piles and hit or toss golf, tennis, hockey, football, lacrosse, Frisbees®, or volleyballs into them. If you have an abundance of leaves make several ‘targets’ of different sizes and distances to practice with.