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Lessons at Home: Golf Equipment
4th November 2020

Golf Bag Handbook Graphic

TGA Golf ClubsGolf Clubs: According to the U.S. Golf Association, a player can carry up to 14 clubs at a time. Now, most junior golfers won’t need more than a driver, a few irons, a wedge, and a putter. Players should use the clubs they’re most comfortable with, as long as it stays within the rules. If you’re concerned about the length of a club, talk to a TGA coach and they can help assist you with any modifications or grip techniques that need to be made.

Golf Balls & Tees: There are a lot of different options when it comes to golf balls, when in reality it’s difficult for many beginners to keep the same ball for a whole round so we don’t recommend breaking the bank when purchasing a pack of golf balls. Standard length tees are great for juniors. Since tees have a tendency to break, it’s important to have enough to get you through each round. Golf is all about comfort and confidence so it’s important to use equipment you like.

Divot Repair Tools: Maintaining the course is an important part of being in the golf community. Every golfer out there, regardless of age, has the same responsibility to keep the course as nice as possible and that includes replacing divots in the fairway and fixing ball marks on the green.


Golf Gloves: These are effective for maintaining a grip on the club and avoiding blisters on the hand. They should fit comfortable and will last plenty of rounds. Certain golf gloves also come with a removable ball marker, which gives you a two-in-one item.

Golf Shoes: Investing in a good pair of golf shoes is a solid idea, but not necessary. If your child is still in the early stages of learning the game, wearing tennis shoes out on the course is fine, but if they’re old enough that they want to play more competitively, golf shoes will help with traction on the swing.

Towel: These can be attached to the golf bag and are great for cleaning dirt and mud off clubs, while also shining a golf ball after each hole. Keeping extra towels inside of the bag can also be handy on a hot summer day. Displaying personalized golf towels of a favorite sports team (or TGA!) can also be a great conversation starter to meet new friends on the course.

Ball Marker: These nifty little markers are often found as magnetic clips on caps. They allow golfers to “mark” their ball while putting to ensure their ball isn’t in the way of their playing partners. If your child has participated in a TGA golf enrichment program previously, they should always have one of these.

Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important to everyone’s overall experience on the course. Many places have water coolers throughout the course to refill water bottles, so make sure you pack a clean, refillable bottle each day.

Snack: A round of golf can make for a long day. When expending energy, it’s important to refuel your body. Energy bars or healthy snacks are a great thing to throw in a golf bag. You never know when you’re going to be hungry without a snack bar in sight.

Sunscreen & First Aid: Spending hours outside makes sunscreen a necessity. It’s important to reapply throughout the day, and small bottles of sunscreen can easily be kept inside a golf bag. The first aid kit doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just pack a few band aids, some athletic tape, and wet wipes to treat any blisters or scrapes.

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