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Lesson Spotlight: Golf Scoring
20th January 2021

Earlier this year Kevin Pon, an amateur golfer, made history when he recorded the first known condor on a par 6. To better understand this astronomical feat, let’s take a look at how scoring in golf works.

SCORING – Any attempt to hit the ball with the club is called a stroke. Adding up all your strokes equals your score.

PAR – the number of shots (or strokes) considered standard for the hole
BIRDIE – A score of 1 less than par on a hole
EAGLE – A score of 2 less than par on a hole
ALBATROSS – A score of 3 less than par on a hole
CONDOR – A score of 4 less than par on a hole
BOGEY – A score of 1 more than par on a hole
DOUBLE BOGEY – A score of 2 more than par on a hole

While these most of these terms are commonly heard while playing or watching golf, you probably haven’t heard of a CONDOR because there are only five previously recorded condors in golf history, and they all came on par-5s. To help frame the rarity of a condor, there were 441 million rounds of golf played throughout the U.S. in 2019 alone. A standard round contains 18-holes, meaning almost 8 billion holes were completed in just one year.

Congratulations to Kevin on this amazing feat. We love this sport and can’t wait to see what amazing accomplishments golfers of all skill levels are able to achieve!