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Get Moving for Children’s Health Awareness Month
30th September 2021



We love October for many reasons — from the cooler weather allowing us to play outside more comfortably to Halloween costumes and eating treats. It also marks “Children’s Health Awareness” month! Whether you’re playing sports, walking around the neighborhood, or even dancing in your living room, we want to take a moment to promote properly warming up before getting active.

Warming up before playing sports or exercising helps get our bodies ready for action. At the start of each TGA class, our coaches walk our junior athletes through a series of static and dynamic stretches to increase blood flow to muscles. This also helps loosen our ligaments enhancing performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Check out these primers on static and dynamic stretches so you can warm up as a family and get moving throughout the month!



Also known as stationary stretching, static stretches target key muscles based on the position you’re in. Stretches should be held for 30-60 seconds with the goal of holding the position just past the point of “feeling” the stretch. It should not hurt, so don’t overstretch.

A few of our favorite static stretches are:

  • Head and neck rolls
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Back – side reach
  • Quads – heel to butt
  • Hamstrings – toe touches



Like the name sounds, dynamic stretches involve movement. Examples include:

  • High kick walks
  • Lunge walks
  • High knee jogs
  • Heel to butt jogs
  • Hurdle walks

Similar to static stretches, these should not hurt. The goal is to work up a sweat while activating key muscle groups.


Time to get moving! Invite your child to share what warm-ups they do with their coaches and have them lead you in a session.  Find your closest TGA chapter to view upcoming programs and to Keep Playing!®