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The Healthier Alternative to Video Games in Winter
30th November 2021



In 2021, we can all agree that advances in technology are both a blessing and a curse. Adults and children are using digital platforms now more than ever. As the colder months begin to creep upon us, we all begin to crawl back inside to keep warm during the cold winter season. Video games and TV become more readily available for entertaining children. TGA offers a healthier alternative by providing our exhilarating programs to get your child active and moving with others their age.

Parents especially are tasked with the difficult feat: to usher their children away from Netflix, TikTok, and video games towards physical activity programming.

The benefits of physical activity far surpass the benefits of winning Mario Kart. With TGA classes, children get to…

  • Move, strengthen, and fuel their bodies by learning about motor development and nutrition
  • Build teamwork and communication skills through group activities and games
  • Continue to progress in skill progression and development learning from eight different sports

After all this… by all means put on a favorite show or game. Better yet, have a family movie night!

The best part of all this news? TGA takes away many of the barriers for kids to participate in sports by bringing our acclaimed enrichment programs right on campus after the school day and providing all the equipment. These young athletes can also take the next step in their sports journey at one of TGA’s many camp options throughout the year.

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